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 English missing
Selkie Offline

Beiträge: 33

10.04.2006 23:01
Grundnote Antworten

Used in a marketing description of a body wash for men. These products have all kinds of "Grundnoten" : aromatisch-holzige, Orientalisch-maskuline. Sometimes it is a Fougère-Note or a Duftnote and I am blanking out on what to use for "Note" in all these cases. Hint is too little, and nothing else comes to mind.

rob-by Offline

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10.04.2006 23:10
#2 theme / accord Antworten

Vorschlag: theme oder accord

In der Wikipedia hab ich Folgendes gefunden:

Traditionally, fragrances can be classified into several olfactive families, by the themes, or accords, of these fragrances.

* Floral: Fragrances that are dominated by the scent of one or more types of flowers. When only one flower is used, it is called a soliflore (as in Dior's Diorissimo, with jasmine).
* Chypre: Fragrances build on a similar base consisting of bergamot, jasmine and oakmoss. This family of fragrances is named after a perfume by François Coty by the same name. Meaning Cyprus in French, the term alludes to where this base was inspired. This fragrance family is characterized by a scent reminiscent of apricot and custard.
* Aldehydic: Fragrances that incorporate the family of chemicals known as aldehydes. Chanel No 5 was the first aldehydic perfume (created by the royal Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux in 1921). Others include Je Reviens and Arpege. Aldehydic perfumes have the characteristic "piquant" note produced by materials like Aldehyde C12 MNA.
* Fougère: Fragrances built on a base of lavender, coumarin and oakmoss. Many men's fragrances belong to this family of fragrances, which is characterized by its sharp herbaceous and woody scent.
* Leather: A family of fragrances which features the scents honey, tobacco, wood, and wood tars in its middle or base notes and a scent that alludes to leather.
* Woody: Fragrances that are dominated by the woody scents, typically of sandalwood and cedar. Patchouli, with its camphorous smell, is commonly found in perfumes of this fragrance family.
* Orientals or ambers: A large fragrance class featuring the scents of vanilla and animal scents together with flowers and woods. Typically enhanced by camphorous oils and incense resins, which bring to mind Victorian era imagery of the Middle East and Far East.
* Citrus: An old fragrance family that until recently consisted mainly of "freshening" Eau de colognes due to the low tenacity of citrus scents. Development of newer fragrance compounds has allowed for the creation of primarily citrus fragrances.

Catharina. Offline

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10.04.2006 23:10
#3 RE: Grundnote Antworten

Hi Selkie, just saw your question. First thing that came into my mind was "scent" but I think that's too strong for "Note". "Note" is not the smell itself, it's the underlying... maybe tone?

Chaja Offline

Beiträge: 146

10.04.2006 23:11
#4 RE: Grundnote Antworten

irgendwas in Richtung "basic note" vielleicht?

Selkie Offline

Beiträge: 33

10.04.2006 23:28
#5 RE: Grundnote Antworten

I just had an idea: fragrance. It is less strong than scent imho. What do you all think?

Anne(gb) Offline

Beiträge: 15

10.04.2006 23:35
#6 RE: Grundnote Antworten

Hi, selkie. I'm pretty sure it's just "base note", pure and simple. Try googling "perfume" and "base note".

Nachtigall Offline

Beiträge: 11

11.04.2006 06:59
#7 RE: Grundnote Antworten

Agree with Anne(gb) 'base note' is the word needed here

Selkie Offline

Beiträge: 33

11.04.2006 07:29
#8 RE: Grundnote Antworten

I guess I use too few scented products, never heard "base note" except in music. So can I call the others: fragrance note, etc.?

Selkie Offline

Beiträge: 33

11.04.2006 07:40
#9 RE: Grundnote Antworten

You know what I love about my job? All the new things I learn. The results of said search: Essential oils are referred to as "top notes", "middle notes" or "base notes" depending on their aromatic qualities. Base note oils are the slowest to evaporate. Their rich, heavy scents emerge slowly and linger. They form the base of the fragrance and give it staying power.

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