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Selkie Offline

Beiträge: 33

12.04.2006 07:52
A-men vs Ah-men Antworten

Last night I was trying to explain when we use the different pronunciations of "Amen" and realised I am not too sure myself.

My theory (US perspective): Ah-men is the form generally used, A-men (Ey-men?) used for emphasis.

I am interesed in other ideas, explainations, etc.

Anne(gb) Offline

Beiträge: 15

12.04.2006 09:01
#2 RE: A-men vs Ah-men Antworten

What a disappointment! I thought we were going to be discussing men, i.e. the merits of "A" men as opposed to "Aaaah" men. My mind was boggling there for a moment.

I think your theory holds for the UK as well. I would say ah-men at the end of a prayer but a-men in the phrase "Amen to that".

Selkie Offline

Beiträge: 33

12.04.2006 09:17
#3 RE: A-men vs Ah-men Antworten

Anne: What a wonderful idea! Some other time, we will have to meet to dicuss the merits of different vowel-men. (I try to avoid i-men whenever possible, though at times an o-man is not such a bad thing.)

Mary (nz/A) Offline

Beiträge: 73

12.04.2006 17:41
#4 RE: A-men vs Ah-men Antworten

I think Catholics say "Ey-men" and Anglicans and Protestants in general "Ah-men". Although older people (like my father) would also say "Ah-men". Perhaps the pronunciation "A-men" (like the A-Team) was some kind of trendy outcome of the Jesus-Christ Superstar movement in the seventies (when I was subjected to Catholicism).

On that note, why do we say "Amen" and not "Awoman"? - Because we sing hymns, not hers!

And on the subject of vowel men, what would they stand for?
A-men: American, Austrian, Australian men?
E-men: Englishmen?
I-men: Signorina, che bella! È sposata? No? Non è possibile!
O-men: This could be a bad sign...
U-men: The Unmentionable kind...

Carly Offline

Beiträge: 5

12.04.2006 22:26
#5 RE: A-men vs Ah-men Antworten

I was raised in the Presbyterian faith, but had myself baptised Catholic at age 21. In both church services, we pretty much use Amen vs Ahmen as Anne already described.

berni aut Offline

Beiträge: 384

17.04.2006 22:18
#6 RE: A-men vs Ah-men Antworten
Muss ich noch was kurzes beitragen,
ist Original aus einem Buch von Charles Kuralt,
ging ungefähr so:

Städter sind in den North Carolina Smokies (Blue Ridge Mountains, Appalachians) und bleiben bei einem Bauernhof stehen und fragen:
"Do you know are there any Presbyterians around here?"
Antwort vom Einheimischen:
"I don't know, but have a look at the barn in the back, Dad shot some kind of varmint some day and nailed it's hide to the barn door..."

Jetzt hab ich im Buch "North Carolina is my Home" von Ch. Kuralt die Stelle gefunden, daher noch das Original:
"There was a circuit-riding preacher come up this holler one time. He asked my neighbor lady was there any Presbyterians around here. She said: "Well, Pa did kill some kind of varmint, and nailed his hide to the back of the shed. You can go see if that's one."

Das Buch hab ich am Ende meiner Zeit in NC von Freunden geschenkt bekommen.

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