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 English missing
joel Offline

Beiträge: 7

12.04.2006 11:41
Entlastung (eines Auftrages) Antworten

"Auftragsbelastung" is translated as "contract burden" - it means that eg costs which the contract accrues are allocated to the contract. Does anyone have a good idea what to call the corresponding "Entlastung"? "Contract unburden" sounds really bad :( "Contract credit" is possible, but I'm not particularly happy with that either...
Any help would be appreciated!!

unknown_spirit Offline

Beiträge: 179

12.04.2006 12:18
#2 contract release Antworten

joel Offline

Beiträge: 7

12.04.2006 12:21
#3 RE: contract release Antworten

thanks, but no; release from a contract is something different. "enlastung" means that a cost incurred in connection with trying to carry out the contract now no longer needs to be counted towards the total cost of carrying out the contract... if you understand what I mean... :/

Nachtigall Offline

Beiträge: 11

12.04.2006 13:30
#4 RE: Entlastung (eines Auftrages) Antworten

Relief provision?

Becky Offline

Beiträge: 280

13.04.2006 23:29
#5 RE: Entlastung (eines Auftrages) Antworten

This is just to get the juices flowing along with the ideas. If it were an asset, it would be fully depreciated or the depreciation deduction would be exhausted. I know that is not related to a contract, but it might give you another thought path to consider. Whether exhausted or fully allocated might work or provide an idea for another phrase.

Becky Offline

Beiträge: 280

13.04.2006 23:30
#6 RE: Entlastung (eines Auftrages) Antworten

Sometimes fixed costs are referred to overhead.

judex Offline

Beiträge: 278

13.04.2006 23:34
#7 RE: Entlastung (eines Auftrages) Antworten

Becky, missing you in the Quasselzimmer!
End OT

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